La Femme Chauve-Souris by Albert Joseph Pénot – Witch Bat Wall Art- Handmade Wooden Trace

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Charge: $29.99USD

Handmade classic vogue picket wall plaque of an La Femme Chauve-Souris by Albert Joseph Pénot. It’s an ink transfer onto picket, stained, and sealed. There is a metallic hanger and felt pads on the aid so it is prepared to dangle. It would maybe fabricate a limiteless reward for somebody that’s into witchcraft or the darkish arts!

Dimensions: 8.75 inches huge, 11.75 inches high and 1 recede thick

My approach: The ink transfer approach leaves a sketchy contaminated classic susceptible peek. Every plaque is person and has a range of imperfections on narrative of every is hand made and uncommon. The example pictured is no longer the one you'll accumulate but yours incessantly is the identical prime fine because the one proven. The ink transfer approach permits you to peek the picket grain below the image and is NOT decoupage (glued paper to a surface).

Transport: I attain minimize impress transport for multiple items. As a result of the dimensions and weight on my plaques Etsy in most cases over-calculates and overcharges transport fees on multiple items, I will refund the variation once the items ship.

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