Vintage 1992 90s Sexy Nintendo Entertainment Machine SNES Shock Comics Spider-Man X-Males Arcade's Revenge Video Game Boxed Friend Version

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Trace: $129.99GBP

Spider-Man X-Males Arcade's Revenge is a gigantic vintage Video Game and is the Friend model. The Cartridge is in factual condition alive to with its age with the designate serene intact. The outer field is demonstrate and in factual condition alive to with its age with dinky tears at a few of the corners where the flaps meet the field, creasing, nook/edge build on, a sticky label and floor scuffs/scratches. The sphere inners are demonstrate and in factual shape, as shown. Please reward the Instruction Handbook is missing. The sport has been examined on a Nintendo SNES Console and is fully working. The sphere is printed with '1992 Shock Entertainment Community, Ltd.', '1992 LJN Ltd.', 'Acclaim Entertainment Ltd.' and 'Made In Japan'. Spider-Man X-Males Arcade's Revenge is an outstanding game to play and is a have to for any Shock Comics, Nintendo or retro gaming fan.

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