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Traditional NES Sport System.

Traditional NES Sport System.
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Brand: $48.00USD

Traditional NES Video Gaming System.

Leisure System.
( Producers textual whisper Found on bottom aspect & shown in photo. )

Nintendo Style Smaller Dimension Video Sport System.

Aspects Two Front Buttons.
With Two Sunless Matching Pronged Interior Straggle Ins on Front aspect.

Aspects Two Straggle Ports on Backside.
AV OUT & DC IN. ( Confirmed in photos)

Diminutive Compact Portable Shape and dimension. Below a foot Wide. Light weight.

Untested Item. Offered as is. Performance unknown.

This System is in valid Visible Shape and situation.
Beforehand owned and frail.
Light to minor place on.

Contains Easiest the Console shown in photos.
Doesn’t encompass Any UnShown Extra Objects Now no longer Listed.
Doesn’t encompass Cords , Controllers, And so on.
Listed and Offered as Untested.No Returns.
Situation for this item can Clearly be considered in photos.

All Objects are throughly sanitized earlier than transport.

Are attempting Identical Objects and More Traditional On hand In My Store!


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