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Meteor/POI (Over 14 years broken-down other folks)

Meteor/POI (Over 14 years broken-down other folks)
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Label: $37.00EUR

My product is a venerable juggling sport known as meteor.

Right here is my video about meretos and veil pois:

It’s easy to learn the trend and completely enjoyable to play with. Thanks to the flying vivid ribbons it’s simply spectacular for those that play. At dusk they would possibly well additionally seem transferring by their very possess will across the juggler due to the sunless holder cords.

The widest ribbon is 5 cm vast.

Its whole dimension is 155 cm with a two-finger contend with which ensures a gracious and straight forward components to play.

With the keyword “poi lessons” you may presumably additionally with out misfortune gain videos on the on-line that allow you to learn unusual and even evolved tactics to make stronger your meteor juggler abilities.


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