HTC Vive Wall Mount Equipment (2 Pack) for Lighthouse/Immoral Web page online- Eliminates Wall Ruin from Drilling, Like a flash and Easy Install & Removal

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Tag: $16.95USD

⭐⭐⭐HTC VIVE Lighthouse & Anchor NOT supplied ⭐⭐⭐

These wall mounts will retain your walls freed from drill holes!

Every mount is connected to the wall by Disclose Strip (wall tape) and can aloof give a boost to your complete nefarious method. The usage of Disclose Strips produce it so as that the mount is sturdy ample for you so that you just can produce directional changes to the lighthouse whereas it's aloof on the wall. While you happen to suspect the lighthouse is an eyesore, then you definately would possibly possibly possibly also with out issues recall away the wall mount & lighthouse collectively by simply sliding it off the slates and mercurial storing it.

Immoral method anchor is connected to the wall mount by technique of unlit screw.
Once the lighthouse anchor is connected to the mount, the 3D Lasers Lab logo will ★☆NOT☆★ be seen.

Why my product?
I print in ABS plastic (as an different of PLA) simply on account of I care relating to the typical customers receive. Even despite the undeniable truth that PLA is a accurate form plastic, it has been known to deform from warmth. It will melt from sitting in a car and even in bid sunlight. ABS resolves all these issues, so your gadgets will final for a ways longer with elevated quality.

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