HANUKKAH Busy Field Present | Young of us Kids Infants | Chanukah Jewish Iciness Vacation Dreidel Star of David Personalized Fresh Relaxing Actions

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Designate: $36.65USD

Hanukkah & Iciness Themed Busy Containers!

A enjoyable gift for teenagers, toddlers or infants to bear an very ideal time Hanukkah! Also so worthy enjoyable for vacation children tables to take children entertained.

3 adaptations available in conjunction with a box for teenagers (ages 4+), toddlers (ages 2-4) or infants (2 and below).

Young of us (ages 4+) version entails:

-Coloring situation, craft or sport
-Wikki Stix
-Assign a face sticker situation
-2 mini lego figures
-2 plastic animals
-Mini pop it keychain
-Mini Rubik’s dice
-Mochi squishy
-Card sport situation
-In my idea wrapped snack
-Leisurely rising squishy
-Zipper bracelet fidget
-3 pieces of for my half wrapped candy
-Snake bendy fidget
-2 sparkling Easter eggs
-Slap bracelet
-8 exercise playing cards

Toddler (2-4 years inclined) version entails:

-Mini magna doodle OR board e book
-Scarf for faux play
-Superhero veil
-Wikki Stix
-Assign a face sticker situation
-4 duplo legos
-2 little plastic animal
-Pop it keychain
-Snake bendy fidget
-Field of 4 crayons
-In my idea wrapped snack
-Leisurely rising squishy
-Squibz suction cup toy
-Pop tube fidget
-5 animal flashcards
-1 slap bracelet
-4 mind flake STEM toys

Minute one (2 and below) version entails:

-Board e book
-Peekaboo scarf for faux play
-Huge pop it
-STEM bristle blocks
-2 empty Easter eggs
-Slap bracelet
-3 properly-organized, sparkling discovering out flashcards
-2 pop tubes
-Snake bendy fidget
-Squigz suction cup toy

Gleaming box option is 10.8 x 7.8 x 2 inches
Cardboard box option is 9 x 6.5 x 1.75 entails background vinyl coloration + white letters.

White vinyl incorporated in mark for sparkling containers, blue/yellow/white vinyl incorporated for sure containers.

“Mini” vacation busy containers might well perhaps furthermore honest furthermore be found right here –


Personalized busy containers for infants, toddlers and younger of us scheme the acceptable gift!! These are immense for taking over the scuttle, on vacation/prolonged automobile journeys, to restaurants or to play with at dwelling on frigid days in the winter.

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