Chess Situation that’s both a tremendous decor and appliance for fanatics

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Label: $45.00EUR

Ideal gift for a Chess enthusiast

Chess bother designed to stay at worthwhile magnetic surfaces cherish refrigerators.
It is most likely you’ll submit opening positions, complications, reviews or correct play with it.

There are two magnets per chess fragment to protect a long way off from rotation.
Objects can also be without complications moved and picked up.
The items are engraved (no longer ink), so the drawing doesn't fade.
The chess board is versatile, without complications carried, and posted in but any other remark.

Be pleased relaxing taking half in or inspecting games with chums!

Product miniature print: Board dimensions: 230×230 mm
King's high: 20mm
Pawn's high: 16mm
Thickness of the items: 2,5mm
Thickness of the board: 0,5mm
Field cloth: Traffolyte – A truly resistant cloth, relaxing to the touch, and polished.
Blue and green alternate options (peep photography)

Creative Commons Public License Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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