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Home Home Decorations QCY H2 H2 Pro Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.3 BASS Mode Hifi Stereo Headset Over the Ear Gaming Earphones Dual Device Connect

QCY H2 H2 Pro Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.3 BASS Mode Hifi Stereo Headset Over the Ear Gaming Earphones Dual Device Connect


Price: 64.18

1.Lightweight Design Stylish and Colorful
-The ergonomic design makes it comfortable enough for all-day use.Stylish appearance that's eye-catching and suits every personality.
2.BASS Mode,Highlighting Beats
-In BASS mode, QCY-H2 enhances all your low-end frequencies for exceptional bass which is deep and punchy, revivifying dance music.
3.40MM NdFe Strong Dynamic Driver
-Wide sound stage,rich, delicate sound in balanced tri-frequency.Stunning bass and 3D stereo give you an immersive and realistic experience.
4.60-Hour Battery Life
-One Week Power, Quick Charging. 60h Music time=1.5h Charging time=300h Standby time,it delivers one week playback after one top-up, if you listen music 8 hours per day.
5.Wireless Bluetooth 5.3
-Bring high quality sound and stable and high-speed transmission over a distance of 10meters for clear and low latency calls and audio-to-video synchronization,without music or video stutter
6.0.078s Low Latency
-For gaming instant response,for flawless gaming,turn on the low latency mode,latency is as low as 0.078 seconds, enjoy a seamless no-lag gaming experience.
7.Dual Device Connection
-It can be paired with two devices at the same time.
So when a call comes in, your headphones know which device is ringing and connects to the right one automatically. You’ll also be able to quickly switch your headphones to either of the two devices at the press of a button.
8.All Day Comfort
-With soft ear pads,the newly developed lighweight material fits snugly around your head, which makes QCY-H2 a pleasure to wear with less pressure on ears.
*Super Soft Ear Pads-Skin-friendly touch, reducing pressure on the head and ears.
*Breathe Freely On-ear Pads
-Ears are not stuffy
*Stretchable Headband
9.ENC Crystal Clear Calls
-It can pick up voice precisely, which enables ultra clear call quality even in noisy environment like subway or bus station.
10.Cater to Your Preference
-Customize StormLite to your own preference in the app.
*Pairing pop-up *Sound effect *Find your headphones *EQ adjustment*Game mode
11.Control at Your Fingertips ,Collapsible design-Saving space


Pairing name: QCY H2

Bluetooth version: 5.3

Available system: iOS/ Android

Operation range: 10m

Playback time: approx. 60hr

Bluetooth profiles: A2DP /AVRCP/HFP

Battery capacity: 400mAh

Charging time: no more than 2hr

Charging port: Type-C

Product size: 160*80*195mm

*For best compatibility, we recommend you to connect the earbuds to phone rather than computer.


Headband * 1

Type-C cable * 1

User manual * 1

What should I do if the volume is low/the volume on one side is low?

1.First check the earphones with low volume, whether the dust filter is blocked, try to clean or remove the dust filter

2.The bluetooth data of the mobile phone or headset is abnormal, restore the headset to factory settings, clear the connection record of the mobile phone, and try to connect again

3. iPhone phone please make sure to turn off the function of "reduce high volume" on your mobile phone if the sound is low. The operation is as follows

(1) Open "Settings" on the mobile phone

(2) Select "Sound and Haptics"

(3) Select "Headphone Security"

(4) Turn off "Reduce High Volume", and adjust the volume in decibels to 100%.

*If the user turns on this function and sets the "90 decibel" gear, the sound of the earphone will be much lower.

4.Android phones have a [Absolute Volume] setting in the "Developer Options" that needs to be turned off

5.Some Android phones have a [Volume Sync] setting in the Bluetooth settings that needs to be turned on

Note: QCY H2 cannot adjust volume through QCY APP.

Control at Your Fingertips


Power-on: Press and hold for 3s

Power-off: Press and hold for 5s

Pause/playback: Press MFB

Answer/end call: Press MFB

Ignore call: Press and hold for 2s

Voice assistant : Double press

Low-latency mode: Triple press MFB

BASS button:

Turn on/off Bass Mode: Press

VOL + -:

Volume up: Press Volume+

Volume down: Press Volume-

Skip track forward: Hold Volume+for 1.5s

Skip track backward: Hold Volume- for 1.5s

Factory Reset:

Turn off the Bluetooth on device then press and hold vol + and vol - for 10s

Partial usage instructions for H2:
1.How to Connect
Power on headset and it will auto turn connectable. On phone, search QCY H2 and tap to connect.(lt will auto reconnect to the last device in connectivity record, if any. If you need to make it turn connectable again, please power off a nd hold MFB for 5s.)

LED blinks blue and red

middle button:Press and hold for 3s to power on

2.Multi-Point ConneCtion(Max.2 Devices)

Connect headset to Device A then turn off its Bluetooth function and the headset will auto turn connectable (LED blinks red and blue). On Device B, search QCY H2 and tap to connect Once again turnon Bluetooth function on Device A and connect it to the headset

3.Factory Setting

Power off the head set a nd hold MFB for 5s or until LED blinks red and blue. Then hold both Volume+ and Volume-for 10s or until LED

blinks red 3 times. The headset will auto power off and reset to


LED blinks blue and red

Hold for 10s                                               Hold for 5s

4.How to Charge


Connect to computer or adapter(5V 1A)


Hold for 5s

Low battery: LED blinks red every 10s Charging: LED glows solid red Top-up: LED turns off


 1.Before using the headset, please read the manual carefully and keep it for future references.

 2.The headset need to be fuLLy charged prior to first-time use.3.If the headset are Left unused for over two  weeks,

 3.please recharge.

 4.Please use the chargers made by qualified manufacturer,

 5.If headset fail to be found by phone, please re-turn them connectable or restore factory settings. If a  program error of phone occurs, please turn off and on Bluetooth function or reboot the phone.


1.Never disassemble or modify your headset for any reasons to avoid any damages and danger,

2.Do not store the headset in extreme temperatures (under 0°C or over 45°C),

3.Avoid using the indicator close to the eyes of children or animals,

4.Do not use the headset during a thunderstorm to avoid dysfunction and increasing risk of electricshock,

5.Do not use harsh chemicals or strong detergents to clean the headset.

Note: please do not use headset for a long time as may damage your hearing.


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