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Home Home Decorations Portable metal detector outdoor waterproof 360 ° high-precision sensitivity probe suit for searching gold coins, jewelry

Portable metal detector outdoor waterproof 360 ° high-precision sensitivity probe suit for searching gold coins, jewelry

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Metal Detector Lightweight Waterproof Easy Operate Pinpointer 360° Scan Buzzer Vibration Automatic Tuning Good Helper of Ground for Gold Coin Treasure Hunt Junior Beginner Adult Kids, Orange and Black

Product Description

If you are a treasure hunting beginner or you are looking for the best Metal Detector for kids,then this easy operated and lightweight Metal Detector with belt holster prevent missing should be your choice. Or if you are a gold digger expert and already have ground Metal Detector, you would also Need this 360°metal detector to help you to hunting in tight niche areas which your typical Metal Detector and narrow locate the target before dig to save your time. MD-700 hand-held Metal Detector is not only design for hobby, security and industrial Metal Detector, but also for family leisure. Go out with kids to start treasure hunting with the help of this device!

what features make this MD-700 Metal Detector stand out from the others?

1 .Lightweight & easy to carry & simple operation - weight only 160g (5.6oz), just one-third of the weight of traditional Metal Detector. Size 23.1 x 2.2cm (9 x 0.87in), come with plastic stretchy coiled strap, belt holster and carry bag, it's convenient to hold or hang on the belt to carry to anywhere and prevent dropping or missing. All you need to do is press a button to turn on the Metal Detector and then start treasure hunting, super easy, kids can operate independently

2. High sensitivity 360°detection & an aid of traditional Metal Detector - newest 360°detection technology allow you to hold the Metal Detector horizontally to quickly scan large area and then use pinpointing tip to narrow and precisely locate the target before dig. The bar Design allow you to insert the hand held Metal Detector into hole to detect. Our Metal Detector can be used alone or as an aid of coil design Metal Detector to save your time and strength

3. Audio vibrator alert & LED light & detect multiple metals - vibration and audio indicator ensure you won't miss any alert when in a noisy environment. Built in LED light, convenience to operate at night. MD-700 can detect various types of metal object such as coin, Gold, Silver, relics, jewellery to help you easily find treasures or missing metal objects whether indoors, outdoors, in wall, sand, grass or soil

4. Waterproof & multipurpose Metal Detector - waterproof pinpoint tip allow you to detect in water less than 9cm.MD-700 lightweight Metal Detector can be used for treasure hunting in tight niche areas which your typical Metal Detector can't get to, airport security for recovering weapons, construction work like finding screws and nails within the dry wall, finding screws in your garden to prevent accidental injury or valuables lost in the garden

5. Beginner Expert suitable & Warranty - lightweight and one button operate feature make it suitable for treasure hunting beginner to use. The bar Design and 360 degree detect features also make it a necessary for expert treasure hunter. We provide 100% replacement or refund service, if there are any quality problem, please contact us, We will try our best to satisfied you, so just buy with confidence


Detection Angle: 360 degree
Detect methods:Audio, vibrate alerts and LED
Working temperature: -37℉ to 158℉
Power: 9V battery (not included)
Battery Life: 6-8 hrs
Operating frequency: 12kHz
Weight: 160g / 5.6oz Length: 22.9cm / 9inch
Width: Approx. 1.57in (4cm) Package size :9.44*2.36*2.36inch
IP level: IP 66,but only partially waterproof.
Detect object: coins,gold,jewellery and other small metal objects.

The features of MD-700 metal detector

360° High Sensitivity

MD-700 metal detector has high sensitivity, 360°side-scan can quickly cover large areas, and the pinpointing tip could precisely locate the target rapidly and accurately.

Easy to Operate

Only one button to press and the led light will turn on and then there will be a sound. The sound means its working. When the target is detected it will make a sound and vibrate. Easy for adults and children to operate.

Partially Waterproof

MD-700 metal detector is partially waterproof. The part that is beneath the led light is waterproof in shallow water. Above the led light is not, so use caution.

Portable Size :

The size of the detector is 9inch * 1.57inch, 5.56 oz, it is lightweight and portable . Also, it will come with lanyard, belt holster and storage bag, you could easy carry it to outdoor.

MD-700 metal detector makes your treasure hunt easier.

Great Partner for Outdoor Treasure Hunting

High sensitivity with lightweight portable size, great for your treasure hunting, underground detector detect a large range, this detector will help you find precise positioning of smaller targets.

Great Gift for Child

Children have high curiosity around the world, this metal detector will help them to start their adventure trip in the backyard or on the beach, and they will have a wonderful day.

Easy Find Lost Small Metal

If you need to find some small metal items in house, like needle, nail, necklace, ring and etc, this metal detector will help a lot.


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