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Home Home Decorations 8led Rechargeable Flashlight Solar Powered With Cob Sidelight 4mode Portable Waterproof For Outdoor Emergency

8led Rechargeable Flashlight Solar Powered With Cob Sidelight 4mode Portable Waterproof For Outdoor Emergency

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About this item

1. HIGH LUMENS & PORTABLE: 2023 New Model flashlight with eight high-brightness LED wicks, reaching high lumen, can provide up to 656 feet / 200 meters of strong light at night, able to illuminate the entire area. A lamp in hand, no fear of wind and rain, so you can use it with peace of mind.

2. SOLAR CHARGE & USB CHARGE: Our flashlight has two charging modes: Solar Charge & USB Charge. Solar Charge: Equipped with solar panels, as long as there is weak sunlight, it can be quickly charged at any time. USB Charge: There is an Android USB charging port on the side of the flashlight, which can be connected to a computer, car and power outlet.

3. 4 BRIGHT LIGHTING MODE: Rechargeable flashlights can switch 4 modes with just one button: high light, low light, strobe and COB side light. LED spotlights can be used for night fishing, night ride,backcountry camping and emergencies. The COB side light provides a wide range of lighting, the light is soft and does not hurt the eyes, it is the best choice for reading and work.

4. WATERPROOF & DURABLE: LED flashlight is equipped with a thick waterproof ring on the outside and built-in circuit insulation protection, which can be used normally even in bad weather such as rain and snow. Made of ABS material with non-slip handle, the flashlight is light and portable.The flashlight is sturdy and durable, the battery and bulb have a long life, don't worry about damage, it is a must-have for your home and travel.

Flashlight Specification

*Lamp Bead: XPE+COB

*Product Material: ABS

*Product Weight: 213g

*Product Size: 16.5*11.5*6cm

*Charging Time: 3-4 Hours

*Working Time: 2-8 Hours

*Light Color: Cool White

*Light Mode: 4Lighting Modes

*Battery Capacity: 800mAh 18650 Lithium

Package List

1Pcs* Flashlight

1Pcs* USB Charging Cable

NOTED: Package comes with USB charging cable for 5V/1A adapter. Do not use a high current adapter to charge the flashlight, lest it be damaged.

Warm Tips:

1. Do not disassemble the flashlight.

2. Keep it away from flammable materials while charging.

3. Once the charging is completed, please remove the charging power to avoid unnecessary accidents.

4. Do not place the product in high temperature and humid environment for a long time.

Question & Answer:

Q1: How to judge whether the flashlight is charging?

A1: When you charge the flashlight, the power indicator will turn red and when charging is completed, it will turn green.

Q2: How about the waterproof performance?

A2: The flashlight is waterproof to easily resist rain and water splash, but please do not soak or immerse it into water.

Q3: How do I adjust the brightness of the light source?

A3: Please find the power button and you could adjust the brightness by pushing the power button to four different brightness modes.


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