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Label: $4.65USD

If you bought to acquire your present to arrive by Christmas, please employ the fleet shipping for $ 3.89. It’ll even be bought as a frequent merchandise in our retailer.

3D nail decals Nail water switch Snowflake nail sticky label Nail wraps Contemporary Year 3d nail slider Nail tattoo Winter Christmas

3D Water stickers for nails.
Very resplendent stickers for nails.

Straightforward to make employ of:

1. Shapely, clean, and polish the fingernails.
2. Paint your series of polish onto the nails
3. Sever the pattern and soak it into water for 3-7 seconds.
4. Trot decal off the backing paper and placement onto the nail (The backing paper aspect adheres to the nail).
5. Stick the pattern into location.
6. Absorb the surplus water with a paper towel or wipe.
7. Cap with determined nail polish or UV top coat.

I ship from Europe, usually internal 24 – 48 hours.
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