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Designate: $16.90EUR

Magical keychain with a silver-plated spherical medallion that you just should most definitely well perhaps absorb your self.

The medallion is product of glass on both aspects and has a ideal screw cap.

The keychain is despatched with your desired letter product of stainless steel and furthermore with your desired charm pendant.

To illustrate, you should most definitely well perhaps absorb the medallion with a lock of hair from a loved one, with animal hair, tail hair or tufts of fur out of your pet.
Small rooster feathers, a enamel, a characterize or entirely diversified fillings are furthermore that you just should most definitely well perhaps remember, the medallion is furthermore ethical for ashes attributable to the screw cap.

A pleasing memory of a faithful companion or merely a fine formula to consistently elevate a living being that’s fundamental to you very discontinuance to you.

★ Medallion: spherical, metal alloy silver-plated, glass
★ Measurement: 30 mm x 6 mm
★ Interior diameter: 22 mm x 4 mm
★ Wish pendant: letter and charm pendant

The most fundamental ring is despatched in an ornamental organza procure and is a true reward concept to your family people or to your self.

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