Keen Beadwork Glasses Chain, Cool Eyeglass Chain, Reading Glasses Chain, Womens Sunglass Strap, Glasses Lanyard

Designate: $32.00USD

This handmade curious beadwork glasses chain is meticulously hand-woven from the finest advantageous glass seed beads. Lightweight, soft to withhold, cool eyeglass chain is a typical accent for your glasses. Lenght 80 cm 31,5 inches

It is no longer handiest a learning glasses chain, a sunglass strap, but besides a multi-cause beadwork glass lanyard that you are going to be in a local to employ as a typical necklace, wrap bracelet.

It is some distance an generous handmade eyeglasses necklace for you and your family people. It is some distance a scheme glasses holder that you are going to be in a local to employ in all seasons and is compatible alongside with your complete clothes.

Chances are high you’ll perchance click the link for my totally different handmade jewellery and equipment.

If there is a color and sample you’d like, I will build it for you. All my products are free transport, if you happen to convey, they’re going to be shipped the next day to come to come. Thanks for supporting my itsy-bitsy industry.

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