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Handmade Anime Chain Bracelet and Five Finger Rings

Handmade Anime Chain Bracelet and Five Finger Rings
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I decided to kind a (nickel-free) bracelet comparable to the one who Kurapika wears from the anime Hunter x Hunter 🙂 since I undoubtedly luxuriate in extra field topic, I’d be at liberty to kind some extra for every other hxh followers that would cherish one made to fit their fingers.

What I will need:
– Ring Measurements in cm
– Wrist Dimension in cm (Draw distinct it is a ways not any longer too tight or too loose!)
OPTIONAL: Length of the chain for the dagger attraction (max is 20 cm). In case you don’t undoubtedly care, then the default size (starting from the tip of the dagger to the very slay of the chain where it connects to the middle ring) can be 14 cm. Right here is an identical size shown within the photographs and video. The dagger attraction itself is set 3 cm long and 1.3 cm huge.

The dagger chain comes with each bracelet and it’s removable. Merely breeze it during the principle loop of the ring to set aside it on and to eradicate it off, scoot the reverse direction.

The chains connecting the rings to the bracelet are from 6-9 centimeters nonetheless if you happen to’d cherish kill of size, please let me know. Right here are the default measurements (the one shown within the video besides):

pinkie – 8.5cm
ring – 9.5 cm
middle – 10cm
index – 10.5 cm
thumb – 8.5cm

In case you’re buying for an top friend and are unsure of their hand size, it is in all probability you’ll perhaps well perhaps perhaps specify within the personalization what their gender is honest too so I’m in a position to estimate how long/brief the connecting chains must be looking on wrist size. I’ve observed that nearly all of my clients who are guys tend to luxuriate in elevated/longer fingers so that you just can preserve up a ways from having it too tight factual let me know!

There’ll be examples of these measurements within the photographs so please consult with these! Draw distinct to send me the measurements within the same structure as shown within the examples besides. I will live my simplest to kind the bracelet as precisely as I’m in a position to so it’ll be a kindly fit for you. The rings are moreover adjustable, so if you happen to need it to be looser or tighter it is in all probability you’ll perhaps well perhaps perhaps with out problems alternate it so that it fits you better.

In case you must well luxuriate in any questions I’d be extra than jubilant to succor. Correct contact me right here on Etsy 🙂


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