Green Gold halo crown pompom festival headdress

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Price: $33.00GBP

Lovely festival headdress, Supreme for making you are feeling fabulous and steal the highlight. ????

This crown is named the pompom halo crown and has an technique to net it with earrings ✨✨.

Made by hand with like within the uk. This headdress can will almost definitely be found in a fashion of colors. Message me for colour combos and availablity.

I am very packed with life on my social media so in case you indulge in to have to connect a query to any questions please contact me @lunie_blue or @lunablue.assortment for more necessary choices or custom orders. I furthermore bear a huge assortment of equipment and deals going on there so plod and check it out for reductions or contemporary arrivals.

Will bear to you indulge in to bear the headdress for a particular date be particular to contact me on Etsy so I’m able to direction of your expose as almost presently as most likely! Thanks. ♥♥

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