Blue Crystal Reading Glasses Chain, Females Glasses Leash, Sunglass Strap, Eyeglasses Chain, Glimpse Glass Holder Necklace…

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Designate: $32.00USD

This handmade ordinary crystal glasses chain is in moderation hand-woven by needle-stitching from fantastic glass seed beads and blue glass crystal beads. Moda females sun shades chain is gentle and chuffed to possess up. Lenght 80 cm 31,5 inches

The glittering crystal eyeglasses necklace is an eyeglasses cord that it’s good to maybe maybe maybe exhaust in all seasons and is properly matched with all your outfits. Guaranteed to salvage all compliments. It is far a fancy sun shades retainer as a present for you and your family.

It is now not simplest an ogle glasses chain or a sun shades strap, but also a multi-cause beadwork chain that can additionally be aged as a long seed bead necklace, wrap bracelet, vogue reading glasses chain.

If there is a coloration sample it’s good to maybe maybe maybe like, I will carry out it for you, it’s good to maybe maybe maybe write me a message.

Click the link for my other handmade beadwork jewellery and accessories.

All my products are free shipping. For individuals that build aside an repeat, this could maybe per chance even be shipped the next day first. Thank you for supporting my puny industry.

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