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Tile vogue all-over repeat pattern stencil. Quilt walls, flooring and fabrics quick and with out bother with our gorgeous tile repeat stencil. Cherish our smaller single tile net but with more tiles so which it’s most likely you’ll presumably presumably presumably additionally practice the pattern to a better residence with out transferring the stencil so customarily! Easy paint then switch the stencil in any direction to proceed the pattern

Repeat at ordinary intervals for a wallpaper net. Stencils are far more designate fine than wallpaper though, which it’s most likely you’ll presumably presumably presumably additionally give a boost to a total room with appropriate one stencil!


The stencil contains a repeat pattern that is 4 tiles huge x 3 tiles high…

Size L – 41 cm huge x 31 cm high (16 x 12 inches). Sheet dimension 59 x 41.6 cm (23.2 x 16.3 inches). Every tile is approx 10cm (3.9 inches).

Size XL – 59 cm huge x 44 cm high (23.2 x 17.4 inches). Sheet dimension 83.7 x 59 cm (33 x 23.2 inches). Every tile is approx 14.7 cm (5.8 inches).

Stencilling is immense fun. Unlike pre-coloured stickers which it’s most likely you’ll presumably presumably presumably additionally paint a stencil any color you want, wash it and reuse it as continuously as you wish. Stencils would be continuously painted in rows, stripes, all the way through patterns, or straightforward random patterns. Spend any color paint it’s valuable to match your plot and net inventive!

Product microscopic print..

Single layer stencil

Reusable, washable. Is most likely to be passe with any type of paint

Fabricated from sturdy, versatile 190 micron Mylar (plastic) film

Fabricated from meals derive Mylar – immense for decorating truffles

Designed and laser decrease in the UK by The Stencil Studio Ltd

You'll additionally need…

Paint- any thick paint will elevate out, appropriate use the suitable paint for the surface you are working on. Acrylics and emulsions work correctly for walls.

Stencil Brush or dense foam roller – use a flat ended stencil brush for simplest results (one for every color). For better stencils or while it’s valuable to possess to quilt a immense residence use a dense foam roller.

Low tack stencil tape or repositionable spray adhesive – for maintaining the stencil in location whilst you paint it.

How to stencil…

1. Repair the stencil in location utilizing low tack stencil tape or spray mount adhesive.

2. Paint the stencil utilizing the splendid paint for the surface you're working on. Undergo in thoughts to blot excess paint sooner than applying the brush or roller to the stencil.

3. While you're glad with the consequences and likewise you've painted your whole stencil, simply spend away it, reposition and commence another time.

Stencilling Tutorials, more files and pointers would be found on our web pages. Please don't hesitate to contact us for extra files or advice.

WE SHIP FAST! We purpose to dispatch your teach within a working day of receipt of your teach. Please allow cheap time to your teach to be delivered.

Stencil net and illustrations copyright of The Stencil Studio Ltd, all rights reserved.

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