Slightly in Blue Decor Switch- In Inventory!! REDESIGN WITH PRIMA

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Price: $31.95GBP

Redesign’s “Slightly In Blue” immense Décor Switch® features aesthetic birds dancing around ravishing floral bouquets in a differ of aesthetic blues!

Contemporary to utilizing transfers? Lower aside the switch to suit on a couple of initiatives, or use as a complete sheet to remodel your section with class and elegance.

Each switch is actually easy to utilize: merely peel off the protecting backing, observe switch to ready surface, rub on the form with incorporated stick (or use our Switch Software program), peel off the terminate sheet (take a look at to be obvious the entire form transferred), and burnish to take any existing halos.

Behold for the BEST series of Décor Transfers within the realm, now in a couple of sizes, finest from Redesign with Prima®! Total switch sheet dimension 24″x35″, scale back into 2 sheets

The fats differ of Decor transfers, moulds, stencils and some distance extra would possibly well maybe perchance just additionally be found on our net plight at

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