A pair of ornate gilt bronze doorplates within the rococo style with matching door handles

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Tag: $98.00EUR

A pair of traditional rococo style horny antique gilt bronze doorplates with normal matching door handles. The plates previously venerable for a toilet/bog door, are of heavy stable bronze with detailed ornament and rococo swirls and the handles possess sinuous curves to praise the plates.

This imposing pair had been sold from an estate sale in Paris and can add immense presence to an internal door. There are some very small imperfections that are relevant to their age, but no omissions or defects.

The mark is for the pair – with a spindle to match the handles incorporated. Please ship a message to me to envision availability and I will add one other pair to the itemizing so that you can possess interplay and give you a mark for consolidated transport. They’re going to even be venerable on the facades of double doors or front and attend of single doors.

A successfully-made location that would moreover be venerable as a ragged door handles and is ideal to add class to any plot and would add glamour for a boutique resort or luxurious resort.

Measurements as per the photography, are in cm.

Tag is for the pair equipped with a connecting bar free transport on the 2nd item.

Please message me for a neighborhood good deal on orders over 100 euros.

VF00169 /2017 / 10 /B

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