Sublimation Transfer Drop Gnomes with Halloween Autumn Pumpkin Press at dwelling to your shirt or mug Warmth press required Holiday T Shirt Develop

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I make and print sublimated transfers, send to you and likewise you press at dwelling onto your shirts alongside with your heat press (will no longer work with dwelling iron or a Cricut press, a heat press is required to cease even stress and temperature).

Here is for ONE (1) switch. This would possibly well perhaps come to you on a 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper. I scale it as gigantic as I will be capable of to suit that internet page. If there is any place at the backside, I print about a smaller photos for you to use as a tester.

Also to your shirts:

It’s endorsed that you’ve got no decrease than 65% polyester in your shirt mix.

It’s a ways good to maintain a shirt that is 100% poly, so the more poly content material, the brighter the coloration will most definitely be. I truly wouldn't streak below 50%.

It’s a ways furthermore ideal to maintain a white shirt. The lighter the shirt, the brighter the coloration will most definitely be.

A heat press would possibly well perhaps well restful be frail. You will no longer bag sufficient heat or stress with a dwelling iron or a Cricut press.
Whenever you easiest maintain a dwelling iron or a Cricut press, fabricate no longer remove.

Warmth press stats:

400 for 60 sec. is the urged time and temp, nonetheless I steadily press at 380-390 for 45-50 sec looking out on the area cloth. Colored shirts would possibly well perhaps well restful be pressed on the decrease facet. (if your shirt is a tri-mix with any rayon it it, I’d decrease the time/temp genuine a tiny bit). IF YOU ARE NEW AT THIS, PRACTICE FIRST-MAYBE ON SCRAP MATERIAL. I will put a puny make on the paper for you to bring to an end and use for put together sooner than using a genuine shirt.

Whenever which that you can perhaps well presumably nicely be experienced and already maintain your time/temp/stress system do, then USE YOUR REGULAR FORMULA.
I take advantage of Beaver TexPrint-R paper from a Sawgrass printer with SubliJet inks.

Be obvious your press has the correct temperature. You would desire to remove/use a laser heat reader to substantiate. Presses will most definitely be calibrated in a different way and the more affordable presses would possibly well perhaps well no longer preserve the correct temperature or stress. I point out a press made by Stahls or George Knight.

Butcher paper from a deli dept is urged to place over the shirt, and it would possibly well perhaps well restful quilt the total shirt inserting off the facets of the clicking. This plot your press will no longer bag any ink on it which can switch over to diverse shirts.
Stay no longer use your teflon sheet because it would possibly well perhaps well bag ink on it and it retains head and would possibly well perhaps well maintain an impact to your temperature.
USING KRAFT PAPER OR PARCHMENT PAPER MAY LEAVE YELLOW OR BROWN STAINS ON YOUR SHIRT. Be obvious which that you can perhaps well presumably nicely be using Butcher Paper.

Employ gentle to medium stress-too unparalleled stress will give you press marks.

Be obvious you lint roll your shirt sooner than pressing otherwise, which that you can perhaps well presumably bag gentle blue dots, furthermore pre press for 10 seconds.

I’d put together on one shirt first to be obvious that you bag all of your settings suitable sooner than you press a bunch of shirts.

1) Duvet the backside press platen with a defending paper (butcher paper from the meat division of a grocery retailer) sheet to cease bleed from describe and/or shirt dyes.

2) Advise the shirt, imaging facet face up, on the defending paper and lint roll the total do that can come into contact by the clicking.

3) Advise a share of defending paper between the layers of the fabric to cease the image bleeding thru to the assorted facet.

4) Calmly mist switch with DyeTrans Expert Spray. (to preserve the switch in location)

5) Advise the switch on the fabric, at ease wrinkles.

6) Duvet with defending paper. This paper must quilt the total do of the area cloth that comes into contact with the heat platen. fabricate no longer use your teflon sheet as ink would possibly well perhaps well switch to it and it would possibly well perhaps well switch to diverse shirts.

7) Press with Temp/Time/Rigidity settings listed above.


*NOTE: I take advantage of a Sawgrass printer, Sublijet inks and TexPrint-R paper

I categorical feel sorry about, nonetheless I fabricate no longer in discovering returns on any printed product or supply any refunds on printed products or digital downloads. Please be obvious that you repeat exactly what you’ll need sooner than making your preserve terminate. Did you make a mistake? Did I make a mistake? It occurs, genuine contact me.

For the mug switch, you’ll need the equipment and the abilities to put together this to a mug.

Color Disclaimer: Actual colours would possibly well perhaps well vary. Here is thanks to the reality that every camera and computer video display has a diverse ability to preserve terminate and tag colours. Every person sees and stare coloration a tiny bit in a different way. We strive our most fantastic to preserve terminate the suitable coloration of every merchandise to repeat the product precisely.

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