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Leopard FULL SHEET Sublimation Transfer/ Sublimation Background/ Ready to Press

Leopard FULL SHEET Sublimation Transfer/ Sublimation Background/ Ready to Press
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Heed: $4.85USD

This is a ready to press FULL SHEET sublimation transfer. All of our transfers are made with excessive quality ink and paper, leaving you with a resplendent brilliant image if pressed accurately.

Can Be Placed on Sublimation Blanks similar to Mugs, Shirts, Tumblers, Blankets, Towels, Mouse Pads, and further! Earlier than Have interaction or Urgent be definite that that your items are Sublimatible.

PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE PURCHASING!You are purchasing a TRANSFER of the above manufacture (NOT A SHIRT), here’s ready to be heat pressed onto a polyester shirt. These closing by many washes without fading. You’ve gotten to make utilize of a LIGHT colored no lower than 65% polyester item and press at 400 degrees for 60 seconds at medium-excessive power (preferably 100% Polyester Shirts, Pads, Hand towels, Blankets, ECT)

65% polyester items (Shirts, Mouse Pads, Hand towels, Blankets, ECT) will present you with a vintage explore.
The increased the polyester depend the brighter the image.
The shirt/fabric will possess to be a delicate colored fabric. NO DARK OR BLACK fabric. This will now not grunt up!
These transfers will now not print white! If there might be any white in the the image this would well became the shade of the shirt you set up the transfer on.
The colors on the photos would perhaps well also be a microscopic different from colours on transfer.
You’ll be able to need a heat press to make utilize of this transfer. Iron WILL NOT work.

Aprox. Size 8.5 x 10.8

We stay our most efficient to stay our due diligence, unfortunately most incessantly things bag missed. If it is learned that one of our designs or sublimations beget a brand fresh copyright or trademarked phrase or we’re notified that one of our designs is registered we are able to promptly merely the topic as quickly as that you just might be ready to judge of by either:

1. Taking away text from our manufacture and maintaining the clip art, or…

2. Taking away the manufacture utterly (if there’s no closing clip art to grunt) and discontinuing the itemizing.

Please stay now not hesitate to attain out.

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