For The Fancy of the Volleyball Game – Volleyball Transfer – Printed Sublimation Transfer – Willing to Ship Sublimation Transfers

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Model: $1.00USD

Sublimation Transfers:
The sublimation transfers ONLY work on a 50% or more POLYESTER garment. 50% to 80% polyester will give your shirt/invent a faded/vintage glance. For per chance the most vivid glance teach 100% polyester.

The transfer can possess to aloof be feeble on a delicate-weight-colored cloth reminiscent of white/ gentle grey; pastel colors will work as effectively. Beget in thoughts that these transfers WILL NOT print white, therefore whatever color your shirt is will converse up as the white areas on the transfer. No white ink is printed onto the transfer. Gloomy cloth will NOT work, LIGHT COLORED FABRICS ONLY.

The colors on the listing also can differ from colors on the transfer. (The transfer also can glance lighter or darker than the listing.) As soon as the shirt is pressed it would glance reminiscent of image on-line.

Whenever you press the transfer onto the material the colors also can differ reckoning on visual display unit settings and also can glance utterly different from display to display!

You are going to want a heat press to make teach of this transfer.

Instructions shall be sent with each converse. Adjustments also can wish to be made relying for your sign heat press and its skills.

Guidelines & Programs
-You are going to wish to make teach of some form of non wax butcher paper inbetween the front and back layers of your garment to forestall ink transfer the complete plot by plot of.
-I repeatedly recommend pre-urgent your garment for 3-5 seconds to lift away any moisture and or wrinkles from the garment sooner than making teach of the invent.
-Transfer sheets are composed for one teach fully.

Please send a message for any special requests. Encompass your email take care of in case I wish to send you a image.

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