DMC 741 SQUARE 5D Diamond Painting Drills Beads DMC 741 Medium Tangerine Orange Bulk

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DMC 741 SQUARE 5D Diamond Painting Drills Beads DMC 741 Medium Tangerine Orange

Drills are packaged by weight in grams. 200 drills are approx 1.2 grams whenever you happen to procure the small packs from your typical diamond painting kits. The 200 packs are made by a assorted vendor and DO NOT always match the Bulk shade. To make certain you procure the same dye lot, DO NOT express the 200 packs and the Bulk packs collectively. In case you’ll care for 700 drills, prefer 4 packs of 200-drills or 1 pack of 1000 drills. In case you like photos of the colour distinction sooner than shopping, please contact us by capacity of electronic mail.

200 drills – 1.2+ grams
500 drills – 3 grams
1000 drills – 6 grams
2000 drills – 12 grams

COLORS MAY VARY – The DMC colour number is a guideline for the alternate, however dye heaps are assorted with every manufacturer. We don’t to find any adjust over the shades of drills equipped by our suppliers. Our drills could perchance perchance also no longer perfectly match drills you’ll to find from other sources and even drills you would even to find bought from us within the past.

Diamond painting is a mosaic of varied colours! A small bit lighter or pretty darker shades are typically noticeable except you are doing substantial sections of valid colour.

We’re always elated to secure a return for refund. Buyer to blame for return shipping costs. Contact us by capacity of Etsy with any questions or concerns.

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