Dachshund Rain Coat/ Rain Mac/ Sausage Dog Waterproof Coat / Dachshund Dog Coat

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Imprint: $8.99GBP

This Dachshund Dog Coat is ultimate for exploring on wet days ! Long ample to give protection to all of your sausage, nonetheless short ample no longer to time out up those little legs this coat is a must.
It aspects a popper strap with two sizes on hand for the particular adjustment.

Merely measure your pooch’s support (from the support of the neck to the execrable of the tail) to salvage the particular measurement!

These raincoats have heaps of wiggle room so there’s no must measurement up. Please double check your measurements to steer clear of it no longer becoming correct!

There would possibly be furthermore a gap at the execrable of the hood:)

Gift: Dimension XXL is for a Greater Authorized Dachshund

Dimension in photo is 37cm, and he or she is a 7kg.

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