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Baseball Pet Bow Tie

Baseball Pet Bow Tie
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Label: $6.00USD

Bow Ties Pictured are 4 inches prolonged & Tiny 3 ½ flow collar vegetation

Get the final notice bow tie to your pet!
Handmade Bow Tie with velcro backing to suit any pet collar up to 1 flow huge- if the collar is extra than 1 flow plod away collar width in notes to seller at checkoutSample placement varies on cloth your bow tie, collar flower, girly bow, bandana, or scrunchie might presumably also simply not possess the sample within the explicit locations shown within the list characterize.

All orders ship within 2-4 commerce days. Within the occasion you type not perceive the thing measurement or amount wanted ship me a message. If there might be ample cloth on hand I will manufacture the wanted measurement/amount for you.

All sales are finalOrders WILL NOT be cancelled after raise is made. Please study insurance policies BEFORE placing an present!
There are no returns, no exchanges or refunds.
Our merchandise ( bow ties, bandanas, girly bows, vegetation) usually are not toys and pets needs to be under supervision whereas sporting our equipment

Size solutions I manufacture are based fully mostly off old customers sizes if requested. Suggestions are to suit the pet successfully not an oversized take a look at. Within the occasion you are shopping for an oversized take a look at plod up a measurement. Sizing is determined by how noticeable you care for to possess the product to display conceal up for your pet. Trust measurement of pets hair not abundant weight/measurement. The appropriate potential to amass your pets measurement is to measure them when when in contrast with measurement/widths below!

BOW TIE SIZES Sizes can fluctuate very reasonably as a consequence of being handmade• Cramped 2.5 inches prolonged X 1.75 excessive
• MINI 3 inches prolonged X 2.25 excessive
• SMALL 3.5 inches prolonged X 2.5 excessive
• STANDARD 4 inches prolonged X 2.75 excessive
• MEDIUM 4.5 inches prolonged X 3 excessive
• LARGE 5 inches prolonged X 3.5 excessive
• EXTRA LARGE 6 inches prolonged X 3.75 excessive
• MINI 3 inches prolonged X 1.75 excessive
• SMALL 3.5 inches prolonged X 1.75 excessive
• CAT 3.75 prolonged X 2 excessive
• Extra runt 3 x 3 INCHES
• Tiny 3 ½ x 3 1/2 INCHES
• LARGE 4 ½ x 4 1/2 INCHES 


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