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Space Staring Reduction

Space Staring Reduction
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Label: $65.00USD

“Space Staring Reduction” is an usual, multi-media share on 11″x14″ canvas BOARD (now not stretched canvas).

Every evening, so many folks across the world focus on into the sky and ponder a identical peep. All of us ogle the identical stars, identical planets, identical moon, identical galaxy. Clear, seasons swap and the world spins 'spherical. And silent sooner or later, we can maintain all shared the identical ogle into living. Now, what if the views, for correct a second, flipped. What if the identical stars, planets, and moon that we fancy, saw us? What if while we told reviews of the evening sky to our kids, the moon told the celebrities about us? “How spirited they’re”, the moon says. “How superior lifestyles on Earth must be”, says the celebrities. You ogle, right here is where I discovered my inspiration. I marvel, what would our guardians of the sky assume within the event that they also can ogle you and me? What would happen, if for a small while, living could possibly also gaze motivate at us?


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