Customized watercolour record, pet portrait, horse, pet portraits, unprecedented, dog drawing, other folks payment record

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Imprint: $29.00GBP

Commission watercolour artwork, Horses, Pet portrait, Canines, cats, drawings

Customized drawings, any style you worship..

Here is an example of a dog, on the replacement hand I’m able to paint you horses, cats or hamsters!

I expend watercolour paper as a deplorable, and most attention-grabbing expend top effective paints.

I’ll send the drawings Top quality recorded Transport with an estimated time upon enquiry. Oil artwork will clutch a exiguous little bit of longer to send off as a result of the drying time.

All I need is the most endearing image of your horse or pet upon ordering a image 🙂

(The photos above are most attention-grabbing examples of work I if truth be told obtain performed previously)

I am hoping you worship my work and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about pricing or additional subjects or backgrounds inner artwork.

Care for Susie Jane

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